About #BikinUsahaAja

#BikinUsahaAja is an entrepreneur campaign program initiated by Graha Inspirasi. This program helps start-up entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs to further develop the business they have built. This program is in the form of consultations, training, workshops, seminars, and talk shows.

Graha Inspirasi through this program offers prospective entrepreneurs to be able to jointly raise the level of their business by officially legalizes their business. The business ecosystem available are business legalizing services, special permits, rental domicile, and virtual office.

The provision of office spaces, financial and tax reporting services, and the liaison of various business communities and business training make Graha Inspirasi a one stop solution for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in order to meet their business needs.

Graha Inspirasi has a #BikinUsahaAja campaign to reach millions of entrepreneurs in Indonesia and thousands of them can be helped to manage their business by Graha Inspirasi. The channel to achieve this is through digital media and TV program that broadcast regularly.

The nationally broadcasted TV program is the Inspirasi CEO Muda #BikinUsahaAja presented by Graha Inspirasi. The program will invite young national CEOs to share about business world and give inspiration that can be shared with business owners and people who want to start doing business.