Advantages of Marketing Strategy with SMS Blast

According to statistical data by US Mobile Phone Marketing, more than 90% of the population in the world has cell phones. Almost all cell phone owners can communicate via text short messages. Messages in the form of text sent via one cellular telephone to another cellular telephone are referred to as short messages commonly referred to as SMS (Short Message Service).

Among many other marketing strategies, SMS Blast is still used by several companies, even companies with well-known brands. This is because there are still a large number of cellphone users. SMS Blast is an application that can provide SMS sending services to multiple numbers (Blast) and can use the sender name (masking sender ID), such as the name of your company or business.

The advantages of SMS Blast

1. Fast Process

SMS Blast can be done in minutes and will be received by customers in a matter of minutes. The time needed by the recipient of the message is less than 3 minutes. In compiling the message or text that you want to convey, just arrange interesting promotional words in the form of useful short words, unlike advertisements in the media that need planning starting from collecting ideas to the execution and placement of the ad itself.

2. Suitable for all types of mobile devices

This SMS can be accessed from any device, both traditional and smart phones.

3.Environmentally friendly

For those who care about the environment, you certainly know that billboards are on the edge of the highway, or even just leaflet paper like brochures that are usually shared are forms of marketing that have a significant impact on the environment

4. Personal and direct

Compare this personalized Blast SMS with the email sent by the system. Moreover, the e-mails you send will accumulate in your customer's inbox and can be classified as spam.

5. Less Costs

Unlike other marketing strategies that tend to require large fees, SMS Blast can save more money compared to the cost of advertisement on television or billboards. Also, brochure printing from printing press costs more for the design and ink to print the brochure content.