Business partnership of franchise is the duplication of business that has ben established by previous business people who have been successful to be run by other people with applicable terms and conditions. Franchise is an easy business for those who want to start a business without preparing from scratch. Franchising offers business along with business ideas, plans, locations, system, employee recruitment, and marketing strategies through various media.

Graha Inspirasi is a company that focuses on business center namely service office, virtual office, space office, collaboration hub, legal business service and building office management. It also provides opportunities for all people to be able to work together and collaborate in empowering the potential of the nation’s younger generation. One of which is by opening opportunities to partner with Graha Inspirasi.

The benefits of partnering with Graha Inspirasi include:
1. The business can be immediately established.
2. Professional human resources support.
3. Minimal marketing costs and risk.
4. Guidelines for choosing a strategic business location.
5. Integrated business management system.
6. Businesses have been tested to run well.
7. Extensive business network.


For those who are interested in partnering with Graha Inspirasi to develop branches, both in Indonesia and abroad, can contact and download the partnership offer here.