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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. (Lao Tzu)

A successful business starts from careful planning, management, and control. The choice of business type is the first step that must be done by prospective business owners. The type of business chosen will be more appropriate if it is in accordance with the expertise and interests of prospective business owners as well as existing business opportunities.

The second step is business planning including marketing plan, branding plan, sales plan, brand identity and action plan. Marketing plan is to plan a marketing strategy based on your business goals. Branding plans are planning strategies in building important relationships between your brand and your customers. A sales plan is any plan designed to determine the steps that will be taken in implementing your business and determining the target market. Brand identity is a way for companies to introduce and convey business that is being carried out to consumers. Action plan is a plan of operational activities that will be carried out by a company.

The third step is the preparation of human resources. HR is a crucial factor in running a business, ensuring that HR has the same vision with the company and can support the course of the business. HR is basically that main part that manage the business.

The fourth step is in the form of financial capital preparation in a form of initial investment in running a business. It is important to carefully calculate the amount of capital needed to start the business.

The fifth step is determining the strategic location for the office. The type of office chosen should be tailored to the business needs including offices with virtual office system, office space, or service office.

The sixth step is about company legality. The legality of this business is related to the business needs. Legal entities require permits including LLC, CV, Foreign Investment, and Firm. There are also other special licenses such as Tax Identification Number, Company Domicile Certificate, Business Permit, Company Registration Certificate as well as Construction Business Permit Services, Transnational Purchase of Electric Power License, Tourism Business Registration License, and other legal businesses.

The seventh step is about financial management and taxes relating to your business.

The last is on innovation that will be the most important part of the business as it is the key to the company’s survival in the long run.

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