Jakarta Business District Zoning

DKI Jakarta Province has its own rules regarding zoning, designation, and urban spatial planning as stipulated in Regional Regulation No. 1 of 2014 concerning Spatial Detail Plans and Zoning Regulations that have been effective since January 2015. This regulation regulates that the designation of each area and space is compulsory to follow these rules. Each region in the appendix to this regulation has been given codes and explanations for designation and zoning. The designation of buildings and spaces is regulated in accordance with the designation, function and zoning stipulated.

Based on the regulation, there are several zoning in the Jakarta area, including the green zone; national government zone; regional government zone; office, trade and service zones; the village housing zone. It should be noted for the Jakarta area that the physical form of the Shop, Office, Shophouse, or Building does not guarantee that the place is legal to be used as a business domicile and other permits.

The DKI Jakarta Government has determined that business activities must be in a place that is in office zones, trade, and services (sub zone K1-K3) or at least the mixed zone (sub zone C1). So, the activities to be carried out must adjust to the zoning that has been set in the RDTR and PZ Regulations. To establish a company in Jakarta and its licensing, either an individual company, a civil partnership, a firm partnership, a CV, or a LLC, has make sure that the place for the company's domicile must be on the zoning based on the local regulation.