Licensing Service System Integration Through Online Single Submission

Government Regulation 24 of 2018 concerning Electronically Integrated Business Licensing Services is the basis for the implementation of the Online Single Submission (OSS) system. Through this new system, business permits can be obtained in less than one hour. OSS is an information technology-based system that connects a centralized licensing service system in the Investment Coordinating Board which currently uses SPIPISE with regional PTSPs that use the Ministry of Communication and Informatics's SiCantik system. OSS also integrates various systems from other licensing institutions such as the General Legal Administration System of Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Indonesian National Single Window (INSW), and the Ministry of Home Affairs Administration Information System to facilitate licensing. With an integrated system that provides all the information needed for business licensing, the whole process will be easier and faster. All licensing data in the area can be accessed more quickly without having to go to the offices concerned.

This OSS system is considered revolutionary because it will be the main gate of the government service system. All business licenses that were previously issued by ministers, heads of institutions, governors, and / or regents can be obtained through this service. OSS also acts as a gateway for the existing service systems in ministries / agencies. According to the Regional Government PP No. 24/2018, there are 20 business sectors that can manage business licensing. The sectors include the electricity, agriculture, finance, tourism, education and culture sectors to cooperatives and micro, small, medium and nuclear businesses.