Founder and Commissioner

M Hadi Nainggolan or usually called Hadi is the Founder and Commisioner of Graha Inspirasi. He was born in Rimo Village, Aceh Singkil, on April 25th 1983. Hadi moved to Medan to continue his education at the Universitas Islam Sumatra Utara majoring in Agriculture. However, he is very caring and loves the world of entrepreneurship so he never stops innovating. He is so full of bright ideas and is always business oriented that can produce various concepts. He always spreads the spirit of entrepreneurship to everyone around him, so that he can further explore his existing potential. As a leader, he managed to set an example and also motivate his team to improve their competence.

In addition, with the Batak and Aceh Singkil blood running through his veins, he continues to be a true activist, always being active in socializing and having high social care while living in Aceh, Medan, Surabaya, Banjarmasin, and Jakarta. In Jakarta, Hadi had served as a manager in several communities and organizations, such as Komunitas Memberi, JCI (Junior Chamber International), Himpunan Pengusaha Muda Indonesia (Indonesian Young Entrepreneur Association), Perhimpunan Pengusaha Jasa Kantor Bersama Indonesia (Association of Indonesian Joint Office Services Entrepreneurs), JAKARTA KEREN, Pemuda Tani (Farmers Youth) and many others. His thirst for knowledge, collaboration, and synergy are things that encourage him to always actively work. Hadi also loves to sing and travel to various parts both in Indonesia and abroad.

His major vision of establishing Graha Inspirasi was to provide various solutions and conveniences to become entrepreneurs because Indonesia is still lacking in terms of entrepreneurs and it needs determined young people to help.

Chief Executive Officer
Ahmad Hariono, an Acehnese man, was born in Rimo, Aceh Singkil on July 12th 1991. Familiarly called Ari, completed his education at Universitas Islam Sumatera Utara majoring in Informatics Engineering. Ari routinely participating in various sports that have long been his hobbies such as basketball and futsal.
Ari has had entrepreneurial spirit since he was in college, that he continues to develop with Graha Inspirasi. He also joins several communities such as HIPMI and JCI which help him gain more insight into entrepreneurship and apply it in business. He joined Graha Inspirasi since the beginning. His perseverance, focus, and totality in carrying out various levels of responsibilities make him as the current CEO of Graha Inspirasi.


Chief Operating Officer


Febry Syahputera is a very calm and friendly person. Originally from Bengkulu, he has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. After graduating from IPB majoring in Agribusiness, he continued his education at Bournemouth University, UK. He gained not only more knowledge, but also extensive networking. After returning from England, he started several businesses with his family.

His active involvement in HIPMI JAYA and JCI, as well as the habit of helping and sharing help him in having extensive network. Joining Graha Inspirasi since 2015, he continues to put his vision upfront to advance entrepreneurship in Indonesia which results in the development of Graha Inspirasi.