Optimizing Marketing through Linkedin

Linkedin is a professional social media created by Reid Hoffman in 2002. This social media is used to market themselves or business accounts to companies or other professionals with a network of professional partners.

Enable LinkedIn to gain public trust of your business brand.

Five marketing strategies via Linkedin

1.Find relevant clients

Never doubt LinkedIn regarding targeting business audiences. This digital marketing world requires the right and effective target audience in accordance with the target market of your business. This means that your marketing will target clients who really want to buy and become interested. For example, if your business wants to rent office space for entrepreneurs, you can set up ad campaigns that will only be displayed for entrepreneurs located in the business district where your office is located.

2. Maintain potential clients

After successfully finding potential clients on LinkedIn, maintain good relationships with your clients. Take advantage of LinkedIn features such as daily status updates and weekly LinkedIn blog posts to highlight your business brand. Also send emails regularly that contain various information and problem solving for clients. So this content has a greater potential to be shared with other clients

3. Use Sponsored Updates

In Sponsored Updates feature, businesses will pay for each post that appears to LinkedIn individuals. With "Pay per click" or "pay per 1,000" feature, you can identify promos based on audience demographics (location, gender and age). However, the advantages of this LinkedIn promo can be adjusted based on company name, position, job, skill, school and community functions. Employers can target certain potential businesses, without competing with other companies that are not relevant. Through the LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, companies can target specific audiences, and increase website visitors. Also, if the content is quite interesting, it can encourage sales prospects

4. Join and be active in groups

Entrepreneurs or SME owners can try to join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to the demographics of their target audience. By doing this, you can immediately "listen" to what the audience is talking about, even you can interact or offer advice and incorporate a little element of your business promotion. You can also send messages to all group members even if they are not connected as friends or relations. Take advantage of the LinkedIn InMail feature to build relationships with your potential potential clients.

5. Personalize LinkedIn URLs

Everyone should have a LinkedIn personal URL link, for example https://www.linkedin.com/in/graha-irasi-a6013397. This private URL address is very important, especially if you have contact with potential clients in a professional environment. Creating a LinkedIn-specific URL will make your profile stunning and appear at the top of the search results.