Sally Giovanny Successful Young Woman, The Owner of Batik Trusmi

Author : devi riyawati


Sally Giovanny Successful Young Woman, The Owner of Batik Trusmi

Sally Giovanny is the owner of Trusmi Batik. After graduating from high school, Sally chose to focus on working to help the family's economy while paying for her sister's school. On the other hand, Sally has the dream of becoming an independent entrepreneur. She was born from a broken home family, his parents divorced when she was 6 years old.

Sally chose to marry early with Ibnu Riyanto, a young man who was hardworking and had the same ideals as Sally, not from the rich family and had the same age. After marriage, her business was able to be initiated until now. It could be said that fortune will come after marriage. This is the beginning of Sally's life struggle story to achieve success. Started her batik business with a capital of 35 million which was obtained from a wedding donation. Before doing batik business, Sally had time to do business selling batik cloth to batik craftsmen. From the remaining unsold mori cloth, Sally and her husband then asked the batik craftsmen to design the rest of their mori and then peddled it as Cirebon batik.

Seeing opportunities in the greater city of Jakarta, Sally decided to market Cirebon batik to Tanah Abang Market. But they had to swallow disappointment because the batik was not sold. To reverse their circumstances, they made the design more unique and innovative, eventually selling though not much. These profits are turmed back into capital. Then Sally invited her husband to make his own shop in the Sentra Jualan Batik area to sell Batik on Jalan Trusmi Kulon No. 129, a house that was transformed into a batik gallery called Batik Trusmi, an extension of "Terus Bersemi" with two employees. At present, Trusmi Batik is well-known to foreign countries, from one store to three.

Batik Trusmi continued to improve until Sally decided to buy a second-hand factory owned by a businessman from Singapore with the aim of producing more batik. As for the capital itself, it was obtained from mortgaging the homes of parents, private vehicles, to private homes. She also had been tricked into making her business almost bankrupt. Sally once blamed God, according to her God did not appreciate his efforts. Then, Sally found an answer, apparently she was lacking in sharing. Working while doing charity is the second motto, 70% worship and 30% work. Sally then opened the Yayasan Rizky Berlimpah Berkah to share some of her sustenance.

In addition to providing job opportunities, Sally also shares her knowledge through seminars, lectures, training, and business exhibitions. Now, Batik Trusmi has 850 employees and more than 500 Cirebon batik artisans as fostered partners with a turnover of hundreds of millions. Her age is still 26 years old but her vision is broad to open a business. Now the store has reached 1.5 hectares, to be the largest in Indonesia. Dozens of tourists came by to buy batik. Even though she only graduated from high school, the mother of Faisal Annur and Nayla Almahira has salary above those who obtained bachelor and master degrees.

Hopefully the success story of Sally Giovani inspires, keep dreaming because humans are born to success.