Sunny Kamengmau, The Gardener Who Is Now a Japanese Robita Bag Manufacturer


Sunny Kamengmau, The Gardener Who Is Now a Japanese Robita Bag Manufacturer

Sunny Kamengmau is the owner of Robita branded brand handbags that is famous in Japan. Robita bag is a bag brand that is popular among Japanese socialites. This bag is included in the ranks of classy fashion products in the land of the Rising Sun. Men born in Maxzmur, Alor (NTT) processed original Indonesian bags into a classy bag in Japan.

This man, who was born on September 12, 1975 only has a junior high school diploma. At the age of 18, Sunny escaped from home and went to Bali. In Bali he applied for a job at Un’s Hotel, one of the star hotels in Bali, and got accepted to be a gardener. After one year of work, Sunny was appointed as a hotel security guard. He worked as a security guard for 4 years.

While working at Un’s Hotel, Sunny learned a lot in foreign languages, namely English and Japanese. Sunny was diligent in learning foreign languages until his first salary as a gardener was partly used bought in an English dictionary. His Japanese language ability brought Sunny to a guest named Nobuyuki Kakizaki in 1995. They were friends for five years before finally the Japanese convection entrepreneur offered Sunny a new job, supplying leather bags.

In 2000 Sunny decided to leave his job as a security guard and began to work in the business of making leather bags. The beginning of his business was not easy, Sunny only had one bag craftsman who produced his bag. Many times the bag he made failed because it was considered to be of poor quality and the bag making process was too long, which was around 6 months for one bag. As a result, the only worker he had wanted to leave because there were no results obtained from his bag business. But Sunny persuaded his workers to stay with him in establishing a bag business.

As time goes by, the bags produced with the workers reap a good response. Although not immediately skyrocketed, the bags produced are increasingly having more fans and sales are increasing. Until 2003, Sunny could only recruit 15 employees. Their production was limited to 100-200 bags per month. Until now, they are able to produce and deliver 5000 bags per month consisting of 20-30 bag models. Robita Bag has two models, Robita and Robita Warna with a price range of 2 million.

Hopefully the story of Sunny will inspire. Success has never come alone. Success will only come to people who want to pick it up.