Three Human Resources Development Strategies

Human Resource Development (HR) is carried out to have an individual with skills, work ability, and work loyalty to a company or organization. Human resources need to be planned and managed properly. Not only they must meet the quantity, but also consider the quality of HR. Following are the three Human Resource development strategies:

1. Training

Training can be done to develop individuals in the form of increasing skills, knowledge and attitudes. Training is not only useful for employees, but also for companies, in which the development is perpendicular to the development of its employees. Through this training, companies can explore the potential of their employees by developing the skills they have.

2. Opportunity

Providing opportunities for employees to channel their ideas, for example through coordination meetings held regularly by the company by presenting all employees and management. This makes employees feel more valued and can make them more developed. This will also motivate employees to contribute more in developing the company.


Appreciating outstanding employees is one of the HR development strategies. This appreciation will motivate other employees to be better, and have a major impact on the development of the company.

Those are some strategies that you can do in developing quality human resources so that you can develop your business more easily and comfortably. However, to develop a business, you also need the right business strategy.