Graha Inspirasi will continue to innovate and commit to all stakeholders to become the sustainable business partner. In facing the increasingly rapid market share growth, we realize that we need a basis for rules in the company. Graha Inspirasi has a philosophy that is held firmly by the ranks of directors and employees. The philosophy is summarized in a word that is INSPIRASI (inspiration) which is a series of several words as follows:

I represents Ikhlas (sincere), which means that everything must begin with sincerity so that the works are calm, peaceful, without burdens, and is full of strong spirit.

N represents Nyaman (comfortable) which means that the company becomes a comfortable environment for workers, management, investors, partners, stakeholders, and clients.

S represents Sehat (healthy) which means to encourage a healthy lifestyle for the human resources. The company should also be healthy in terms of its financial and management.

P represents Percaya (trust), which means mutual respect, mutual trust, and mutual support for one another. The work assigned by the leader to carry out on an activity we must believe that it is something good.

represents Ilmu (knowledge) which means a bridge of various kinds of success as well as a bridge to a happy world and the hereafter, and is a means of Graha Inspirasi to create a learning culture for its human resources.

R represents Respek (respect), which means to encourage care for the company, the environment, the team, and the company’s program.

A represents Aksi (action), which means to immediately act and do not procrastinate.

S represents Siap (ready), which means to willingly do everything in their responsibility.

I represents Inovasi (innovation), which means to make new breakthroughs as time changes.

The philosophy has been established and has become a work culture of Graha Inspirasi which aims to make the holding company ready to compete with other top global companies.

Work Ethics

  1. Kerja Keras (Work Hard)
  2. Kerja Cerdas (Work Smart)
  3. Kerja Berkualitas (Quality Work)
  4. Kerja Tuntas (Completed Work)
  5. Kerja Ikhlas (Sincere Work)